AG捕鱼王 Anhui Ruixiang Industry was established in 2003,82.35 million register capital ,located in Wuhu Economic and technology development zone, which is specialized in manufacturing and designing automobile welding fixtures, automation flexible welding line and robot integrating .The company is a new high-tech and national key enterprise of Wuhu Robot Industry Demonstration Base.

AG捕鱼王 公司是多家国内外知名汽车制造业焊装高端装备供给的重要企业之一,是开展汽车焊装装备行业应用基础研究、聚集和培养专业科技人才、开展科技交流的重要基地。是安徽省“机器人集聚发展”试点建设的重点项目,积极发挥着新成品、新技术、新成果的示范与推广,带动了安徽省汽车焊装行业产业链的迅速发展。

AG捕鱼王 Ruixiang is one of a key enterprise who supplied high-end welding equipment for domestic and oversea well-known automobile manufacturing company and also it is a key base for automobile welding industry application research and technical talents training. Meanwhile ,it is a pilot enterprise of "Robot nesting project "of Anhui Province ,who is dedicated in demonstration and extension of "new production ,new technic and new achievement", and promote fast development of Anhui automobile welding industry chain.  

公司总占地面积约30000平方米,办公面积约4000平方米,车间面积约15000 平方米;现有人员共293人,其中:工艺规划及研发设计人员75人(外籍专家1人)、电气及机器人技术人员83人,工程调试技术人员43人。

AG捕鱼王 The total floor area of Ruixiang company is 30,000 sq. m. , including  office area of 4,000 sq. m. ,and plant area of 15000 sq. m. . Until December 31, 2018, the company has 293 employees, including 75 process plan and design engineers (1 foreign expert) ,83 electrical and robot-related engineers, and 43 mechanical and commissioning engineers. 

公司始终坚持以技术创新求发展,把质量视为企业生存的根本。秉持“ 精艺、务实、创新”的企业理念,在国内同行中享有良好的声誉。

Ruixiang always stick to technical innovation, and take quality as a fundamental for enterprise's existence. Simultaneously , We adhere to "fine technology, practical and innovation" as company philosophy, which have won a high reputation in domestic.